Entire Room VR Immersion.
Without Headsets.

Introducing the Revolutionary Gener8 Sim Room

The new generation of Gener8 Sim rooms are dynamic, engaging, and filled with interactive graphics for stimulating educational engagement using the latest high quality

A room that provides the educator with powerful and easy to use in room total immersion for an unparalleled learning experience.

Without the limitation and discomfort of VR headsets.

Gener8 software enables the walls to take on the function of hand controllers traditionally used with headsets for rotation, zoom, keyboard strokes, and other commands of the active software application.

Upgrade an existing Sim Room for new generation interactive touch functionality and participant immersion.

Or build a custom interactive touch single wall power screen, a demonstration corner, or 3 and 4 wall virtual reality room activity with optional floor display.

And add smell, wind, heat, and vibration options for an indelible user experience.

Start with Gener8 provided content and a year access to the extensive Mozaik Education library of exciting media, 3D, digital lessons and video. Learn more by clicking the logo below.

Use existing AR / VR / 3D apps or build your own with immersive engagements featuring easy drag & drop creations through IntuifaceTM the premier platform for touch applications, without coding. That’s everything from multi-touch and sensor-driven content to Web APIs, RFID/NFC readers, and the Internet of Things

As an education focused organization, we support our clients with unlimited access to the Gener8 Champion Academy library for a learn as you grow training program to maximize your space utilization and content creation.



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