Analyzing Human Movement.


Introducing the world’s easiest and most intelligent way to improve human movement, balance, and posture…

with evidence-based human movement science, augmented intelligence, motion capture technology and superb service design. Producing fast, affordable, and marker-less movement assessment for health specialists and health seekers.

Human movement has been studied by dancers, artists, coaches, and scientists for centuries.

The most precise way to measure human movement is with a 3D camera and advanced computer software. The resulting attention to detail, playback review, and measurement is far superior to human visual observation and analog reporting. More importantly, instant 3D video provides an amazing communication tool for team collaboration, educating people about their condition, and objective identification of strengths and weaknesses.

We are pioneers in movement dysfunction. Body language is indeed 80% of communication. We notice when the body is whispering ‘I am not working so well”.

Test. Exercise. Track. Repeat.

Prevention is better than cure! Less pain, less inconvenience, and considerable savings in money and time.

The Moovment® human movement analysis service is powered by a suite of software that quickly captures movement with video, measurements, and report output. The results are available to designated health & fitness professionals through a private and secure online portal, then pushed to a client’s mobile phone with recommended exercise programs, health surveys, and tools to set goals and provide motivation.

Accurate 3D recording and measurement of movement, balance, and posture is captured with Moovment Scan. Automated and standardized test routine that takes only 5 minutes to complete.
Next, Video files are uploaded to a secure dedicated Moovment Lab cloud portal for measures, display playback, video speed control, file share for collaboration with authorized viewers, and interventional
The caregiver can then assess results and prescribe exercises, in video form, or other modalities with the client on Moovment Pro for view on a mobile or tablet device. Client can also record 2D video capture on their device and share with caregiver for ongoing monitoring of planning impact.

Improve Access

Scan equipment is portable and the data is stored in the cloud, so you can review scans online from anywhere and at any time.

Improve Quality

Quality decisions require good quality information. They lead to the right course of action and improved outcomes. Let objective data inform your clients, colleagues and payers about the change you are creating.

Increase productivity

Drop the pen and paper, goniometer, tape measure and stopwatch and get digital. A movement, posture, and balance assessment with documented measures takes more than 1 hour. Moovment® takes just 5 minutes. 40 assessments per day – you do the math.


Show payers and the world what results you are getting = return on investment.

Remote Monitoring / Tele-Rehabilitation

Complete ecosystem for client coaching and support with video feedback from client to caregiver for remote monitoring.

Client Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction comes from managing expectation – a consistent service and transparent results makes everyone happy. Job satisfaction improves when you know you are getting good results, and clients are actually following your advice.

Educational Tool

Added to an XR human anatomy educational program, students can compare 2D and 3D movement with musculoskeletal activation.

No more dreaded note taking

We all hate it! And you tend to leave it until the end of the day, when you just want to go home. You know that you cannot remember Bob from Bill, or if it was his left or right side-bend that was worse. Those days are over. Go home to the kids instead.

Earn more with lower costs

Charge a premium for your premium services, and show clients the value you are creating with data about positive outcomes. Automated scans means you get paid for providing a service, and not just your time.

Our mission is simple.  Help the world move better!

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Movement loves variety.

Find your strength in the small details.

Moovment records and visualizes 3D movement data at 30 times per second and measure the key points that can be tracked accurately when performing foundational movements.

Moovment is not a digital therapeutic device. This product is not FDA cleared.

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