Outstanding opportunity is now available for institutions to complement diagnostic image interpretation with an easy to understand AR or 3D rendered display for the non-expert.


Side by side.

The non-expert diagnostic image reader is presented augmented and 3D rendered comparison with grey scale DICOM modality file sets as a learning primer.

Students can distinguish grey scale display characteristics while viewing rendered landmarks of the anatomic slice.

Team collaboration is broadened with image display accessible to a broad level of competencies.

Patients can better visualize their condition or planned intervention with their care giver.

Share renditions with team members and students through ViseO, the complementary Anatomis app for Android, iOS, and VR headsets.*

Based on subscriber identified users, rendered files can be pushed to authorized viewers automatically.*

View anytime, anywhere, by anyone authorized.

*works in progress




Exclusive Global Outlet

No 495, Les Dahlias El Kiffane
Tlemcen 13000, Algeria

Dr. Hakim CHIALI

CEO, Anatomis

Medical Specialist in General Anatomy

Public Health Practitioner, Department of Radiology, Tlemcen University Hospital

Associate Researcher, Laboratory of Automation, University of Tlemcen

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